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If you are interested in granite countertops Tucson AZ, get in touch with professional countertop installation services in your area for a consultation and quote. Covering not just Tucson but the whole of the USA!

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Granite countertops give any kitchen a stylish, well built, look and feel, but for the price what do you get?

Does granite stain? So far we have not found anything typical in a kitchen that stains granite. Even a sharpie can be rubbed off the surface of a granite countertop with a little rubbing alcohol. However, it doesn’t mean granite is unstainable, if not treated and sealed regularly it can be prone to staining.

Does granite crack with heat? Another benefit of granite is that it is highly resistant to heat, you can place a boiling pot or pan onto the surface and it will not crack or burn.

Can you cut on granite? Yes, no need for a chopping board!

Does granite chip easily? Granite like any hard surface can be prone to chipping if a sharp hard object is dropped onto it. Therefore, it is very durable but not indestructible. If you have a small chipped granite surface, this handy repair kit from Amazon will do the job. Just don’t expect miracles, once chipped you will always be able to see where it has been filled. For deeper chips, hire a professional to get the best results.

How often should I seal my granite Tucson? Some people say every year, some say three to five years, there is no set rule and it can depend on how well the granite is sealed when installed. As with a chip, it’s always best to get a professional to seal your countertop, if you have a high quality product, maintain it like a high quality product.

For example, if you want to see a full breakdown of the pros and cons of granite, check out our full review page here.

If your kitchen is need of an upgrade then granite countertops could be just what you need. Granite whilst expensive, can add value to your house. Durable, stylish and sleek, if you are looking for granite countertop installation Tucson, get in touch with granite installers Tucson.

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