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If you are interested in granite countertop installation Tucson, get in touch with professional granite installers Tucson for a free granite consultation Arizona. Covering not just Tucson but the whole of the USA!

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Granite Countertops Tucson AZ

If you are looking for modern granite countertops, contact a professional in your area via the link above or below. Granite can improve the value of your house and it’s a lifelong investment, it will last for as long as you want it.

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Let’s first answer some questions you may have on granite countertops:

Firstly, there are two different ways to finish a granite countertop, polished vs honed granite. Polished granite has a higher stain resistance, gives a more shiny appearance and once sealed is no porous. Honed granite countertops give a duller look, however they are more porous and thus easier to stain. Honed granite can also be more expensive. In the polished vs honed granite debate, the only real reason you would pick honed granite countertops over polished granite counters, is for looks. Get in touch with professional granite specialists Tucson via the button below to decide which is best for you.

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Can you put hot pans on granite? Yes you can, it is a natural stone and therefore is heat resistant. You can place a boiling hot pan direct onto the surface and it will not burn or sear the countertop. However, this comes with a couple of caveats, the granite countertop should be sealed regularly to maintain this heat resistance. Furthermore, if not sealed regularly, if you keep placing hot pans in the same place repeatedly it may being to stain if not sealed.

Can air fryers crack granite countertops? Granite is not indestructible, its a natural stone so it is possible to crack. The intense heat of a air fryer has been known on very rare occasions to crack the granite counter top. Again, this is rare, but along with the running theme here a well sealed and maintained countertop will help to prevent this. If you know you will constantly subject the granite countertops to heat in certain areas invest in some heat pads. Better to be safe than sorry. In summary on the heat subject, granite can withstand the occasional hot pan with no problems at all.

How often do you need to seal Granite? There is no set rule here, it can depend on many factors. How often the surface is used, the type of granite, how the surface is used, the quality of the seal and so on. Typically, once every one to three years is advised. Always get a professional to seal the countertop, it’s a big investment to make sure to get it done right. Find a professional below.

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What can you clean granite with? Granite is a very resistant surface, soap and water will do the trick. If you are in need of a deeper clean every once in a while, check out this specific cleaner available on Amazon here. It also acts as a sealer, whilst not a permeant seal, it certainly doesn’t hurt to give it a top up in between professional seal applications.

How can you tell if granite is sealed? You will start to see the shine come off the countertop when in need of a seal. Another indication is when you are wiping down the granite countertop and the cloth doesn’t glide across the surface as easily, its time for another seal.

Does granite get dirty? Yes, any surface can get dirty, this will just be surface dirt so just wipe off as usual.

Is it possible to chip granite? Technically yes, especially on the overhang. Granite is one of the most durable countertops available, if you bump or ding it, it most likely won’t even show a mark. However, if you was to smash a pan on the overhang it could chip and crack. Why you would do that, I don’t know, but if by mistake you hit it hard, not much in this world is indestructible. Granite countertops can withstand a lot, just don’t beat it with a sledgehammer!

How easily does granite scratch? Same as with chipping, you can use a knife directly on the surface and it should not scratch. Best to use a chopping board in either case.

Can I fit my own granite countertops? Most suppliers will only supply to a professional granite countertop installer. Fitting granite is not an easy job, a granite countertop installer will make sure the granite is fit correct. Why buy a high end product and not fit it correctly?

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Tucson Granite Countertop – Granite Slabs Tucson AZ

Granite is a naturally beautiful stone, it comes in many different patters so your countertop will be unique. The benefits of granite countertops are it’s appearance, durability and quality. Granite will also give you peace of mind with a unlimited lifespan, they will be all you need in your forever home.

Granite countertops Tucson comes in many different colors, black granite countertops, brown granite countertops, grey granite countertops, white granite countertops, blue granite countertops and so on. Naturally, the cost can depend on where the granite is shipped from. Granite is heavy and requires precise cutting and so is labor intensive and not easy to move.

When you contact the installer they will supply the granite slabs in Tucson and make sure they measure to fit, quality granite Tucson. If you live in Arizona get your free quote and consultation for granite countertops AZ.

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Granite countertop installation cost

As mentioned above, granite installation cost depends on many different factors, polished vs honed, color, location of the source etc. Typically, the granite countertop cost, including installation is between $50 and $250 per square foot.

What is the average price for granite countertops installed? An average granite countertop price, in the USA, is between $70 and $110 per square foot.