Bathroom Vanity Tucson

Bathroom Vanities Tucson

Bring Your Bathroom To Life

Is your bathroom in need of a makeover? Are you currently in the middle of a re-model? Choosing the right countertop is make or break in your renovation.

A natural stone countertop such as granite, quartz or soapstone gives your durability and design. Of course, each option has it’s own design and no one is alike. From a moody soapstone countertop look to the free flowing grain of a granite countertop for your bathroom. Your vanity countertop is an important feature of your bathroom.

Just like with kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities can also go through some bumps and scratches. Therefore, it’s important to get a vanity that is durable.

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What Type Of Countertop Should I Have In My Bathroom?

Each countertop has it’s pros and cons, keep reading below for links to each countertop full breakdown. For example, out of the three, quartz is anti-bacterial which of course is an important factor in a bathroom.

However, granite gives you the heat resistant surface for those hot curling irons. Again, soapstone is also heat resistant but unlike Granite, is a little easier to scratch.

Undoubtedly, the real decision is based on looks and cost. Both of which, come down to where the countertop is sourced from and mined. Again, we break down the costs on the links below.

Why not consider keeping the same theme going through your house. Consider installing the same kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity to give that seamless flow through your house.

If you are still undecided check out or full reviews of each countertop here, granite, quartz and soapstone.

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Granite Kitchen and Bath Tucson Arizona

If you are considering replacing either your kitchen or bathroom countertops, get in contact with a professional. A professional is able to source the material for a good price and install for a tidy clean finish.

Contact your installation team below for a free quote and consultation along with a vision of what your bathroom could look like with any of the options.

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