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Soapstone countertops give any kitchen a stylish, well built, look and feel. Soapstone counters are typically dark in color and thus give that moody pastel effect.

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soap stone counters near me

The name soapstone comes from the soapy feeling the countertop exhibits. The hardness of soapstone is dependent on the level of talc, yes the talc powder, and the higher level of talc the lighter the color and softer the stone. This makes sandstone not as hard as granite. Not just for the kitchen they also make a great soapstone bathroom countertop.

Soapstone counters near me

So what do you get for the price? Let’s breakdown some of the common questions below.

Can you put a hot pan on soapstone? Yes, soapstone is more heat resistant than granite. Where granite can discolor if exposed to heat over a long period, soapstone countertops do not.

Can soapstone get wet? It sure can, soapstone is non-porous so doesn’t absorb water. This further helps it’s anti-bacterial qualities, of course you are still required to clean the surface. Any surface can hold bacteria but it’s non-porous qualities ensure bacteria doesn’t sink into the countertop.

Do you seal soapstone? There is no need to seal soapstone, this makes it a countertop with less maintenance needs. However, its advised that you wipe the countertop down with a mineral oil. The mineral oil is cheap and so the maintenance costs compared to other countertops is much less, this mineral oil for soapstone countertops from Amazon is a great choice.

How often should you oil soapstone countertops? You should oil the countertop once every few months.

Does soapstone scratch easily? Soapstone countertops are durable, however they aren’t as scratch and chip resistant as other stones. You will need a cutting board because soapstone scratches. You can sand the scratch out but it can lead to an uneven surface.

What colors does soapstone come in? Soapstone counters tend to be a darker moody style of coloring which appeals to some. As with any natural stone, many factors depend on where the stone has come from.

How do you maintain soapstone? And, how do you keep soapstone shiny? Mineral oil answers both of these questions. Regular maintenance of your soapstone countertops with mineral oil will keep the shiny appearance.

Is soapstone more expensive than granite? Typically soapstone is more expensive than granite. Again this depends on where the sandstone, or granite, is mined and transported from. Check out below for a more detailed breakdown of costs.

Is soapstone high maintenance? No, with no need for regular sealing, it makes soapstone a low maintenance countertop.

Does soapstone darken over time? Naturally, soapstone darkens overtime by a process just like oxidation. For some people that is all part of the appeal.

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soapstone bathroom countertop

Soapstone countertop installation

Whether you are looking for a soapstone countertop for kitchen, soapstone countertop for bathroom or both the kitchen and bathroom, click the button below to get a free consultation and quote in the Tucson area and USA wide!

One other consideration when you speak with your installer is that soapstone can also make a great soapstone sink. The flow from the soapstone countertop into a soapstone sink can look very natural and smooth. If you are in the market for a new sink, check and see if you could get the soapstone sink installed at the same time. Not just in the kitchen, consider a soapstone sink bathroom also.

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Soapstone countertops cost

When it comes to cost, especially soapstone vs granite cost, soapstone counters can be a little more pricey. Soapstone countertop prices installed range from $60 to $150 per square foot. As with all natural stone, the soapstone countertops price depend on where the stone is coming from, the quality, color and other factors. Costs for soapstone bathroom countertops run the same per square foot as kitchens.

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