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Soapstone Countertops Tucson AZ

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Our specialization is in custom fabrication of granite, marble, quartz, travertine, limestone, onyx, quartzite, and semi-precious slab surfaces, kitchens and countertops. Since 2005, we have been servicing residential and commercial customers.

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Soapstone Countertops | A Good Choice for Your Kitchen Station 

If you’re looking for a kitchen station that is visibly warm and cool, then consider going for Soapstone countertops Tucson. It is a natural stone material that has a milky appearance because it contains talc. The high concentration of talc softens the stone giving it a bar soap texture. If you try to feel and touch this stone, it is quite soft and smooth. However, it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be perfect for your kitchen in terms of durability.

Depending on its origin or where it was quarried, raw soapstone slabs range from $45 to $85 per square foot. Take note that the harder the surface and lower talc content, the pricier it gets. To determine if a soapstone countertop is for you, weigh out its strengths and weaknesses.

Soapstone Countertop Tucson


  1. It doesn’t require a sealant. You don’t have to worry about protecting its smooth and beautiful surface to perish over time.

  2. Soapstone is non-porous, acid-resistant, and doesn’t stain. This sanitary countertop is impenetrable to bacterial growth. Easy clean up with mild soap and sponge.

  3. One of the most heat resistant stones. Placing a hot pan on top won’t crack or burn the surface.

  4. It is highly durable. Soapstone is more pliable than other stones, which means it is less brittle. It wouldn’t crack unexpectedly from the weight.

  5. It is an attractive stone. When people see soapstone countertops, they try to feel its smoothness. It is a favorite in country type kitchens, and people also include soapstone to traditional and modern styles. Because of its versatility, there are several colors, from pure white to charcoal gray, where you’ll appreciate details of arrays of whites, pearls, and grays.


  1. Vulnerable to scratches and chips under heavy wear. Since the stone is soft, avoid cutting directly on its surface. Dropping heavy objects like cast iron pans or any heavy glass could chip it. Deep chips will require repairs.

  2. Soapstone countertops darken as years go by. Due to the process of oxidation, it eventually develops a patina. While some find this appealing, others don’t like the look. Aging can emphasize the natural streaks of the stone, making it look richer.

  3. It can cause scratches on your glass or other materials since it is not sealed.

  4. It has more visible seams as it is quarried in smaller slabs.

  5. Soapstone has a high upfront cost.

Soapstone Countertop Tucson

How to Maintain a Soapstone Countertop

  • It is low maintenance; however, you still need to take care of your Stone countertops Tucson to prolong and maintain it.

  • Apply mineral oil to boost your station’s darkening progression every two weeks. In this way, the patina will appear more uniform because of the oil treatment. Wait for at least nine months for your countertops to develop its full patina.

  • When your soapstone has reached its full patina, apply mineral oil if it looks too dry. Do this once or twice a year to restore its luster and gloss.

  • You don’t need to use harmful cleaning chemicals. An all-purpose kitchen cleaner and a dishrag will do the trick.

  • Use trivets and hot pads even if you know your countertop is heat resistant. If the bottom of the pan is rough, it may scratch your soapstone.

  • Do not directly cut on your soapstone counter. Instead, use a chopping board.

  • Wipe spills immediately, especially oil and grease. It can discolor your newly installed soapstone, but once it fully developed its patina, you won’t have to worry about oil discoloration.

Soapstone countertops have a lot of character. This type of stone is worth considering if you’re up for natural stones that are durable and low maintenance. Though it is limited to colors like soapstone white to charcoal gray, it can still fit in any kitchen style range.>



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