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Restoration Tucson AZ

Granite Countertop Installer Tucson is a family owned and operated business based in Tucson. We have been in the marble and granite business for more than 10 years.

Our specialization is in custom fabrication of granite, marble, quartz, travertine, limestone, onyx, quartzite, and semi-precious slab surfaces, kitchens and countertops. Since 2005, we have been servicing residential and commercial customers.

Granite Countertop Installer Near Me Tucson specialties are kitchen countertops, fireplaces, vanity tops, bar tops, table tops, staircases, and window sills. We also sell sinks for the kitchen or bathroom, to customize the look with your new kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity top.

We are proud to offer quality workmanship, competitive prices, and personal service; this is what sets Granite Countertop Installer Tucson apart from the competition.

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Restoration of Countertops 

Many years have passed, and your countertops might have accumulated damages like stains, scratches, and scorches. Even without impairment, your countertops probably look dull or worn out with frequent use. You don’t always need to replace your countertops. Some might just need restoration and repairs to make it functional again. 

Countertop restoration Tucson takes care of your current countertop issues by repairing any damages to extend its life instead of replacing it. Countertop repairs can range from $200 to $500. Minor fixes can cost $100, but substantial work can go up to $800 or more. Even with these costs, repairs are more cost-effective. You’ll have to deal with a professional since it takes skills to do the job. 

Refinishing or resurfacing will depend on the damages to your counter. Countertop refinishing Tucson means you need to repair the surface finish. It can be buffing out scratches or sanding away the stains. Also, this repair can be about adding a coat of epoxy or recoating the surface with a sealant to protect it from further repairs. On the other hand, Countertop resurfacing Tucson can be the removal and replacement of an old, damaged laminate or tiles and adding a new surface for your countertop.

The cost is associated with the type of material and the repair that needs to be worked on. It is often that high-quality materials are the hardest wearing but also costly to resurface. 

Countertop resurfacing Tucson is another budget-friendly remodeling option for updating your kitchen design. You can choose from cost-effective options such as laminate, tiles, and paint - while you get to save more money.  

Countertop Restoration Tucson

Countertop Repair Cost


Stone has a high resurfacing price. With granite, expect $200 to $1,500 of resurfacing that includes sealing and polishing while still depending on the context of damage done. 

Chips and cracks – Your granite countertop can crack if hit by hardy and heavy objects. You can repair this yourself by using an epoxy resin repair kit for $35 to $100.

Marring – Granite countertop is heat-resistant; however, it can suffer from marring and disfigurement from a very hot pan. Always use a trivet or a hot pad to avoid this. 

Dulling – If not properly sealed, granite can etch when exposed to acid from harmful cleaning ingredients. It can fade and dull up your countertop - making it look outworn.

Staining – Again, when not properly sealed, granite can be prone to staining. You have to reseal your countertop once every year.  


Expect $100 to $300 to repair slate countertops. This durable and non-porous stone is more expensive to install but is easy to maintain. 

Cracks – The corners can chip as it is more brittle than other stones. If you have a slate as your countertop, have the corners rounded before installation. 

Scratches – It can still be prone to scratches, so it is best to polish it with mineral oil. Buff away the scratches with steel wool to keep in looking new.

Countertop Restoration Tucson


If you want to hire a tile contractor, expect an average cost of $350 to $400 to repair your tiles. Tiles usually need repair by removing and replacing them since it is rare to have them coated with epoxy. Also, the common type of repair is replacing grout. It is usually where dirt and all sorts of gunk get stuck, which needs proper cleaning and maintenance methods. 


If you have wood countertops, prepare around $200 to $500 for repair and resurfacing costs. Solid wood is heavy-duty, and sometimes, minor marks add character. But if you want your wood countertop to look fresh and new, scratches and pitting are easy to repair work. 

Repairs are preventable when you put up with regular maintenance and proper use. Having your countertops resurfaced or refinished can alleviate costs. It is also a quicker process than having them replaced. Depending on the nature and gravity of the damage, do not opt for a replacement as long as you can still save the material. 



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