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Bathroom Countertops Tucson AZ

Granite Countertop Installer Tucson is a family owned and operated business based in Tucson. We have been in the marble and granite business for more than 10 years.

Our specialization is in custom fabrication of granite, marble, quartz, travertine, limestone, onyx, quartzite, and semi-precious slab surfaces, kitchens and countertops. Since 2005, we have been servicing residential and commercial customers.

Granite Countertop Installer Near Me Tucson specialties are kitchen countertops, fireplaces, vanity tops, bar tops, table tops, staircases, and window sills. We also sell sinks for the kitchen or bathroom, to customize the look with your new kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity top.

We are proud to offer quality workmanship, competitive prices, and personal service; this is what sets Granite Countertop Installer Tucson apart from the competition.

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Guide to Choosing Your Bathroom Countertop 

The bathroom is always exposed to humidity. It requires materials that are durable and qualified to handle moisture and harmful cleaning chemicals. Countertops in bathrooms should be capable of withstanding water, soap, or even cosmetics, at the same time set out as an efficient work surface for your daily morning rush hour. You’d want a material that wouldn’t stain easily. Also, your bathroom deserves to look just as fabulous as the other rooms in the house. You can simply dress up the small space with a countertop that fits your budget and taste.

The bathroom countertop is the statement piece of the room. You can make a statement out of it by choosing a material that sets the bathroom’s attitude and tone. Check out some of the popular materials below.

Bathroom Countertops Tucson


Traditional countertop materials such as ceramic, porcelain, and glass can still be trendy and incorporated in modern styles with the right design and technique. Ceramic tiles are made of clay that is glazed shiny or glossy. Porcelain is also made of clay but with finer ingredients cooked in high temperatures. 


  • It is affordable.

  • Having tiles for your countertop is a good DIY project as it is easy to install. 

  • You have plenty of options to choose from for your design. 


  • This material though hard and dense, can be brittle. It might crack under strong impact.

  • Grout lines need painstaking attention as it stains and discolors. It’s an easy trap for gunk and dirt. You’ll have to reseal from time to time.

      Natural Stone

If you want to step up your bathroom décor, having natural stone as your countertop will add resale value to your house and give your vanity a complete luxurious look. 

  • Granite is the most popular natural stone used as countertops as it is readily available and diverse. A bathroom granite countertop stands up to most stains, yet it still needs to be sealed to prevent grease on your surface. 

  • Slate can resist stains and is less porous than granite. It is a solid countertop; however lacks diversity in colors where uniform shades of gray, black, green are your options.

  • Marble is one of the most majestic, heavily veined metamorphic stones with plenty of variety of colors and patterns. However, it is a soft and porous stone that requires sealing every year or two.


This countertop made from layers of plastic can mimic any natural appearance of stone, wood, leather, and even stainless steel. 


  • This material is very affordable.

  • Laminates have a wide range of patterns and designs.


  • Laminate is somewhat lightweight - lacking substantial heft.

  • It is often known as a low-cost material.  

Bathroom Countertops Tucson

      Solid surface

Made to look like stone, the solid surface is composed of acrylic and polyester particles bonded by resins. It can be customized and shaped into any form you want. 


  • Solid surface gives a seamless countertop with integrated vanity sinks. 

  • It is low maintenance, and it can resist stains.

  • Its colors and patterns are consistent and uniform.


  • Some solid surfaces seem too artificial when imitating natural stone.

  • It cannot resist heat from curling irons or whatnot.


This material has been making a noise as a popular trend for countertops. 


  • Concrete is highly durable and strong.

  • It is on-trend and versatile in many bathroom styles.

  • You can texturize the surface to add a little unique touch.


  • If damaged with cracks, it must be replaced since there is no repair option to go to. 

  • Concrete countertops require specialized contractors to fabricate them. 

In choosing Bathroom countertops Tucson, you must consider the appearance and the price, maintenance, and compatibility of the material. Be practical and choose what’s best for the whole bathroom renovation. 



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